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Guest Comments

"Thank you for an amazing stay! Shetland has our hearts!!"

Scarlett and Sam
September 2023

"The flat has been very comfortable and we have had an excellent week. Thanks again."

Jean Jones
August 2023

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Eating Out


Staying in Lerwick will give you easy access to a wide variety of cafes, restaurants and takeaway facilities, all of which are within easy walking distance of our Lerwick Properties.

Grand Hotel Restaurant, 149 Commercial Street, tel. 01595 692826. (Currently being refurbished.)

Queen's Hotel Restaurant, 24 Commercial Street, tel. 01595 692826. (Currently being refurbished.)

Fjara Cafe Bar, Sea Road, tel. 01595 697388 (Eat in and takeaway.)

No.88, 88 Commercial Street, tel. 01595 692139 (Eat in and takeaway.)

Isleburgh Café, Islesburgh Community Centre, King Harald Street, tel. 01595 692114. (Eat in and takeaway.)

The Great Wall, Viking Bus Station, Commercial Road, tel. 01595 693988 (restaurant) or 696344 (takeaway). Chinese/Thai Restaurant.

Baroc , (Chinese Restaurant & Takeaway)1-3 Commercial Road, tel. 01595 693848.

Hay's Dock By the Dowry, Shetland Museum & Archives, Hay's Dock, tel. 01595 741569. (Eat in.)

Gurkha Kitchen, 33 North Road, tel. 01595 690400.  Nepalese and Indian cuisine. (Eat in and takeaway.)

Fort Cafe & Takeaway, 2 Commercial Road, tel. 01595 693125.  (Fish and chip shop.)

Happy Haddock, 59 Commercial Road, tel. 01595 692414. (Fish and chip shop/cafe.)

Skipidock Inn, Toll Clock Shopping Centre, 26 North Road, tel. 01595 696865. (Eat in and takeaway.)

The Olive Tree, Toll Clock Shopping Centre, 26 North Road, tel. 01595 697222. Deli/cafe. (Eat in and takeaway.)

Peerie Shop Cafe, Campbells Close, Esplanade, tel. 01595 692817. (Eat in and takeaway.)

New Harbour Cafe, 2 Merran Moads Steps, Esplanade, tel. 01595 695271. (Eat in and takeaway.)

Food Culture Lerwick, Clickimin Leisure Complex, Lochside, tel. 01595 918518 (Eat in and takeaway.)

Raba Indian Restaurant, 26 Commercial Road, tel. 01595 695585. (Eat in and takeaway.)

Shetland Hotel, Holmsgarth Road, tel. 01595 695515. (Restaurant.)

Lerwick Hotel, 15 South Road, tel. 01595 692166. (Brasserie and Seafood Restaurant.)

C’est la Vie, 181 Commercial Street, tel. 01595 697154.  (French Restaurant.)

The Dowry, 98 Commercial St, TEL. 01595 692373. (Bistro and takeaway.)

Teamore, 14 Commercial Rd, Lerwick, Shetland ZE1 0LX, tel 01595 692002 (Eat in and takeaway.)

Da Steakhouse, 5 Mounthooly Street, Lerwick, Tel 01595 696566 (Restaurant.)

Saffron Indian Restaurant, 4 North Road, Lerwick, ZE1 0NP, Tel 01595 695441 (Eat in and takeaway.)

Phu Siam, Esplanade, Lerwick, ZE1 0LL, Tel 01595 694351 (Thai Restaurant and Takeaway)

Magno Café Restaurant, 25 Commercial Road, Lerwick, 01595 697000 (Eat in and takeaway.)

Island Larder, 97 Commercial Street, Lerwick, ZE1 0BD, Tel. 01595 69 4324 (Shop, Café and Takeaway.)

Coffee Culture, 80 Harrison Square, Lerwick, tel. 01595 694376 (Café and Takeaway.)

Pete’s Café, 42 Commercial Street, Lerwick, ZE1 OAB, Tel. 07385 846 123 (Café and Takeaway.)

Showa Coffee House, 33 Commercial Road, Lerwick, ZE1 0NJ, Tel 01595 696664 (Café and Takeaway.)

Blyde Welcome, 56 Commercial Street, Lerwick, ZE1 0BD, Tel. 07305 964 684 (Café and Takeaway.)